The Immediate Future of America’s Economic Health, A Vedic Astrological Analysis

Howard Beckman 7/16/12
Many people are asking me questions about everything from happenings in 2012 (which I have already spoken about in my article “New Moon chart 2012 for the USA) to questions about the geopolitical situation, economics and what will the world be like for our kids and grandkids. For a more “far reaching” perspective than just the annual “new Moon” horoscopes for America, it’s necessary to delve into the actual birth chart of this country.

In 2008 the country entered a period ruled by Mars that runs until 2015. We all know what happened at the outset. Wall St and banks’ greedy lending practices caused the mortgage crisis, followed by big corporate failings, etc. The last time the country endured its seven-year Mars period was 120 years previous. That was between 1888 and 1895. Doing a little investigation about that period of the country’s “fortunes” I found that indeed it was a time of great losses.

Many factors caused the great economic “panic” that finally culminated in the “Panic of 1893”. Silver prices had been driven up due to the US government being forced to buy silver as per the “Sherman Silver Purchase Act” of 1890. Eventually demand dwindled when silver backed notes could no longer be exchanged for gold and the metal prices crashed. Unemployment rose to record levels, there were record financial losses across the board, and major companies began to fail. Due to over building and speculation of the railroad industry the great “Philadelphia and Reading Railroad” went bankrupt in 1893. This actually started the spiral of loss and panic.

Banks began failing, meaning many lost their life savings and other major railway companies such as Northern Pacific, Union Pacific and Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe went under. The dominoes fell quickly. More companies went bankrupt, and by the peak of the Great Panic of 1893 over 15,000 companies and 500 banks failed. Now began a severe depression. Unemployment peaked at close to 19% in 1894 and slowly went down until recovery and growth in 1897.

The bottom line for us now is that we are not out of the woods yet. I expect 2013 to bring more insanity in financial markets. In my opinion only then will things slowly begin to come back again, although don’t expect days of wine and roses anytime soon. It’ll be slow progress until 2015 starts to allow any real growth for the majority of the American people.

President Obama will manifest more than a few gray hairs during his second term as a result. No president or any leader’s ideas, intentions or plans of action can surpass the dictates of fate. The planets’ movements tell a story of those events which must manifest in our lives individually, and they tell the story of those that manifest for us all collectively. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed” and “Knowledge is a weapon”, as the saying goes. Those that have it can slice through the worst travails and times of uncertainty for they make prudent decisions. Economic strategy means knowing when to move ahead as well as when to bide your time.

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