6 Reasons Why You Should Get A Relationship Compatibility

Recent statistics show that in the United States 53 percent of first time marriages end in divorce, 67 percent of second marriages end with divorce and 74 percent of third time marriages end in divorce. Business partners aren’t doing much better, with 60 percent of business partnerships also ending in “divorce”, which is often far more ugly and expensive than a divorce from a marriage of intimacy. It would be so much easier if you knew your potential partner to be, either business or love partners, much more intimately. What if you knew how they thought, what their dreams and aspirations were, what made them “tick”? Well, you can know ALL about them when you have a compatibility astrology reading done.

1. Learn about your partners strengths and weaknesses
If a person thinks they can “change” a prospective partner, they are mistaken. A person may allow himself or herself to be told, pushed or bullied, but this only leads to resentment and dissatisfaction in the relationship. Finding out about their strength and weaknesses first and knowing you can live with them is far better.

2. Make sure there is a strong basis for love and affection

Generally, when two people meet and have a strong attraction for one another and are considering a more permanent relationship, there is already some love and affection. But, being life partners is not always easy and simple, as we humans are emotional beings, and at times, life can throw us a curve ball. Will that love sustain these not so easy times?

3. How do they communicate?
Some of us have no problem revealing our minds, while others, well lets let’s say aren’t as ready to share, or do not know how to share. The KEY to a successful relationship lies in the communication. We may not be able to change our mental capacity or personality, but it is an effective tool for life relationships in general if you are willing to learn good communication skills.

4. Do you REALLY like similar things?

Yes, it is true, your and your partners chart can show what it is in life that interests them. They may like the outdoors, sports and athletics and you may like to stay home and read. This works for some people, but long term? Will they want children? Will they want a career and never be home?

5. For a sexual partnership are you sexually compatible?

This is very important, especially if you want the “right” sexual partner. We all have different needs and desires and it helps if your partner is well matched. If one has lots of sexual energy and the other does not, it can cause all sorts of problems. This sometimes does not show itself until later on in the relationship; as to start with both parties have that initial “lust” for one another.

6. Will you make good friends?
Yes, friends. You should AWLAYS marry you best friend. The love of a friend will last through your entire life, through the ups and downs, when the passion had subsided. You know what is inside each other’s mind and heart. You Vedic astrology charts will show this.

The above can all pertain to any relationship, including a business partner, except for number 5 of course! Unless you life partner is your business partner! So why are you waiting? Order a compatibility reading right now!

So Is Any Marriage Made in Heaven?
Are any marriages really made in heaven? From my experience counseling many couples over the years I have found that there are two factors for creating a healthy and long-lasting marriage, or business partnership. The first is compatibility. Without enough compatibility between two people the marriage or partnership will always fail. The thinking processes will be too different for it to last. The second is possessing relationship skills, a big part of which is empathy, consideration and a willingness to listen to your partner when he or she speaks (not just sometimes, but all of the time) and to work through challenges as a team.
With both of those factors in place a marriage, or business partnership, will work. As a matter of fact it was proven that the old type of traditional arranged marriages, as always used to take place in India, had a far greater success rate than so-called “love marriages” anywhere else in the world. Until the late 20th century divorce was so rare in India that couples really and truly lived the words, which we utter in the west as marriage vows, “until death do us part”. But what was it that made so many Indian arranged marriages work out in the past, as opposed to those in the US? It’s such an important topic that even Oprah Winfrey once devoted a show to it. Their considerations went far deeper than the rest of the world when it came to choosing a life partner. Far deeper than anyone could possibly know without the aid of a divine science, and that science was and still is Vedic Astrology.
When we use a horoscope for matching a prospective couple we can see right away if there is enough compatibility for the marriage to be successful. Not only that, but we can look at the future career and social statuses of the couple, as well. So many marriages break up because of arguing about money, or because they can’t stand particular actions of their partner any longer. This kind of primary consideration before marriage can save a lot of tears, heartache and money, for that matter. No matter how good it felt at the time, would you still marry someone if you knew it wasn’t going to last, that you or the other person was going to change irrevocably?

Already Married? Not Too Late!
And what about those of us that are already married and suffering due to marital problems caused by constant conflict? Having in depth readings of your own horoscopes, and then having an experienced and knowledgeable Vedic astrologer help you both understand each other better may well be what you need to turn things around at home.
I’ve counseled many people using Vedic Astrology in the past 30 plus years and I can tell you honestly that we’re not all that different from each other. Everyone simply wants to feel happy, or satisfied with life, and most importantly we cannot live without sharing love with others. Take a little puppy, put him in a room alone with lots of toys, food, water and treats, but nobody to share love with…and he will wither and die.
We are not just seekers of sensual pleasures, as we are trained by society to think. We are really seeking love above all else, and when we find that state of being called love…we never want it to end.
And what of the pain of dealing with a love lost. No other event in life causes us such deep emotional anguish as does divorce or losing a loved one at the time of their death. The latter is a natural part of life, but divorce is not. Therefore it behooves us to do our best to insure that our marriages and partnerships will succeed.
Marriage is one of the singly most important events in any person’s life. As the consequences of an uninformed decision going into marriage can spell disaster, it only makes sense that we should try to understand as much as possible about ourselves, and our prospective partner, before we take the plunge. We can then better create the strong foundation necessary for a happy, and prosperous business relationship, or both.

Whether you have been with a partner for years, considering tying the knot, or thinking of going into business with someone, it only makes good sense to have a compatibility consultation with me. You will know what you are going into and how to proceed. I am here to help you. You can reach me at Howard@vedicworld.org or call me on 352 629 3156 and I will be happy to answer questions you may have.