Happy Winter Solstice 2015

Doesn’t it seem like each year flies by just a little more quickly than the last one? The days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. Here we are closing in on the winter solstice and the Christmas and New Year holidays again, saying farewell to 2015, and ushering in our hopes for a better year ahead.
What a year it has been. Millions of refugees fleeing war torn countries and the constant threat of terrorists raging war, with no rules to go by. I know from my readings for clients throughout the year, it has also been a difficult year for many of you. This time always makes us think about the past year or years and what, perhaps, we could have done differently if we had had the chance. Whether or not we perceive the coming year as a good one will depend on our mental equilibrium, first and foremost. But of course our karma will determine what material facility avails itself to us, and what satisfaction we find in relationships and the unfolding of events. We are also subject to the global karma of the planet’s populace, shall we say, and the political turmoil trying to tear away at the very fabric of all societies worldwide.
I have not seen countries’ charts like those to come for 2016, indicating so many challenges that include great violence, destruction and loss of life caused completely by the actions of men, for many years. The economy won’t go under, but some are going to get hit pretty hard. Others are going to prosper. It must be obvious to all of you reading this that with the events unfolding in the middle east, and the backlash bringing terrorism to the doorsteps of both Americans and Europeans, that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. And this war is, and shall be, the most insane of any ever to befall us in modern history.
If you have read my latest book “Tempting the Devil In The Name Of God”, you will know that I too have had my lows, but with steadfast spiritual knowledge and the help of Vedic Astrology I was able to survive, learn and grow from my experiences. Let me help you, as others have helped me in the past. A comprehensive astrological analysis is a phenomenal guide for making important decisions, be it in the coming year or years. We can have confidence in knowing that whatever life throws at us, the experience and wisdom given to us thousands of years ago by the very embodiment of wisdom, the seers and yogis of Ancient India, will give us forewarning so as to deal with it. Call, or email, me and we can set up an appointment.

Many have asked if I will post the New Moon charts for the US, UK and other countries after the New Year. My answer is that I do not plan to do so publicly, but in every single reading we will look carefully at what events I see transpiring and whether or not, or how much, you will be affected by these events.
We live in interesting times, and we’re just going to have to get used to it. For many it is time for a new path, or at least a new direction within the old one. Evaluate everything in your life and look for ways to improve your life, so that you may grow into the best possible version of your own self possible.
Remember that we always have hope. By looking forward to a brighter future, we develop enough faith in ourselves, and in the possibilities around us, to succeed in our worldly endeavors. And there’s nothing like a good dose of knowledge to give us an edge in making the right decisions to achieve our goals in life, learning to balance our material desires with our spiritual ones.
Happy Holidays to everyone and may you have the hope, faith and determination to create both material, and spiritual, prosperity in the coming year and always.
Howard “Hamsa” Beckman

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