Astrological Predictions for the World in 2013 by Howard Beckman

Well, we made it. The end of the world predicted by fools and rascals due to the end of a phase of the Mayan calendar was a nonstarter. We’re still here, as is the world. As a matter of fact the Vedas state that this age of Kali-yuga is set to last another 427,000 years approximately. So now we are about to begin another “interesting” year, just a few months after the coming of the Chinese “Year of the Snake”. Although there will most certainly be a plethora of events occurring on earth that we’d wish wouldn’t, life is what you make of it. So what do I see the planets portending for our general health, wealth and prosperity? Read on.
The “new moon” chart for the US in 2013 has five planets in Pisces, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Mars and Venus, on April 10th when this year’s chart begins. Although Pisces is the weakest sign for Mercury to be in, the debilitation is corrected by the ruler (Jupiter) being in an angle, and thus far less problematic for communications and business affairs. Since Aquarius is rising, this places them in the 2nd house. This indicates a huge concentration on MONEY. These planets rule the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th houses of the USA’s new moon chart for this year.
The second house rules earning of money, as well as communications with others. Venus, one of the greatest benefics, creates a raja-yoga in the 2nd house, surely indicating economic growth. How will the government create a growth economy with all the challenges facing it, not least of which being the debt owed to the Federal Reserve Bank? The most likely answer is the fed will simply print more money, creating the “illusion” of greater prosperity, at least for the time being.
Saturn is the chart’s ascendant lord and is situated in Libra (his sign of exaltation and thus extremely powerful) in conjunction with Rahu. This is a dangerous and powerful combination for causing disasters in the world. In the US chart, though, Saturn’s position in the 6th house shows the US playing “heavy” in international politics, as well as still becoming increasingly involved in armed conflicts overseas. The conjunction of these two malefics, Saturn and Rahu, begins on January 14th of this year and lasts until July 13th of 2014. The exact conjunction occurs on the 17th of September this year.
We look to the 9th house (the house that Saturn and Rahu occupy in this chart) for information about the “ruler” of a country. My analysis is that President Obama’s enemies will try their utmost to destroy him. We certainly hope history does not repeat itself in this way, but the last time Saturn and Rahu were conjunct in Libra was in 1865 when President Lincoln was assassinated.
It is also worthy of taking note of the US natal chart periods for this year. Mars/Ketu will run from March 29th until August 25th of this year, followed by Mars/Venus until late October of next year. When these periods occurred in the last years of the 19th century there were huge financial collapses and economic disasters.
The US does look like it’s going to manage to get through the financial problems somehow or another, as Jupiter (lord of the 2nd house with multiple planets residing there, as well as the 11th house of gains, is in the 4th house (an important kendra house). This also creates an exchange of signs with Venus, called “parivarthana yoga”, further bolstering my assertion that the US economy will avoid any kind of a financial collapse. Jupiter’s entering Gemini on the 1st of June for a year will also be good for the country’s overall prosperity during that time period.
I’ve also looked at the new moon charts for several European countries, the UK, Russia and China. Europe’s going to have the biggest fiscal problems of all, in my opinion. Gemini rises in the UK, France and Germany’s charts, so Jupiter is in the 12th, with the five planets in Pisces taking the 10th house position. My analysis is that this heralds a change in the European union. Whether it means countries will opt out of the euro, or even the European union itself, remains to be seen. Whatever problems ensue, though, will affect economies worldwide.
Russia’s new moon chart has Cancer rising with the planets in Pisces therefore in the 9th house. Jupiter is now in the 11th house of gains. These factors indicate much political “tension” in the country, yet should be good for them financially.
China’s chart has Virgo rising, so those Pisces planets now go to the 7th house, meaning increased influence on the global stage. Jupiter is in the 9th house of their chart, so financially the country will still be ticking along quite well, compared to many other countries.
Other possibilities I see from looking at these, as well as the charts of other countries:
-Middle East war is going to step up. There seems to be indications of Israel taking possible actions, as well as Iran.
-Increased violence and armed conflicts will be rampant throughout the year.
-More destructive storms causing fires and floods, as well as earthquakes. There will be increased solar storm activity during the first half of this year, which definitely impacts weather systems on the earth. Overall, the weather will continue to become more severe at both ends of the thermometer, as both hotter and colder temperatures will be seen.
-China’s populace steps up protests for more democracy.
There will be two solar eclipses this year. One is an annular solar eclipse on May 9th and the other will take place on November 3rd, which is both an annular and a total eclipse, depending on where you live in the world. The first has Sun/Ketu/Mars/Moon and Mercury in Aries, while receiving the direct aspect of Saturn and Rahu from Libra.
The second has Mercury/Ketu/Saturn & Moon all in Libra opposite Ketu in Aries. Being only 6 weeks or so after the exact conjunction of Saturn and Rahu, I expect this eclipse to be an extremely powerful force for change in many people’s lives.
There will be three lunar eclipses during 2013. The first is on April 25th, a partial eclipse with Moon/Saturn & Rahu conjunct in Libra directly opposite Mars/Sun/Venus & Ketu in Aries.
The second will be on May 25th, a penumbral eclipse. The Moon will be debilitated in Scorpio and directly opposite to Mars/Sun/Venus/Mercury & Jupiter in Taurus. I expect this to be a flashpoint for world political upheavals, violence and more “unusually” disturbing weather patterns.
The last eclipse of 2013 is a penumbral eclipse on the 18th of October. The Moon will be in Pisces while the Sun has already moved, just a degree or so into Libra, where he is in conjunction with Rahu/Saturn & Mercury.
These multiple combinations are most certainly indicators of intense change for quite a few people at the times of the eclipses, extending to as much as a month on either side of the actual eclipse day. How they affect each of us individually can only be determined by an analysis of our own horoscopes.
It is not that these planetary indicators only portend suffering or the coming of disasters, though. For some of us it will be a time of “awakening”, of looking within our hearts to find truth, whether pertaining to our material lives, or our true spiritual selves.
After all, at the end of the day there are four major categories that people desire success in to be happy, and to allow human society as a whole to truly progress. The first and most important is knowledge, and the most important knowledge is spiritual. Who are we? How did we get here? Why must I suffer? Without asking such questions we can’t even begin to find answers. Then we also need to understand what our relationship is with all others (both human beings and others that share this planet with us), as well as our relationship to the universe itself.
Secondly we all want to be healthy, which means not only physically, but emotionally/mentally and spiritually. With huge corporate entities concerned solely with financial profit controlling most of the food production, health care, and very importantly the media, human society is constantly being badgered (maybe brainwashed?) to live in a manner that creates profits for those entities. The unfortunate result is a never before seen epidemic of obesity, heart & blood disorders, toxicity and drug dependence (most of it happily doled out by pill pushing doctors urged to do so by their drug company benefactors) of a very large percentage of the population. Much of what many people consider “food” is actually causing the continuing decline of peoples’ health.
Thirdly we want to feel secure, and to be able to live without fear for our livelihood, or worse for our very lives. The wars, violence and fear mongering by governments is making people feel anything BUT secure. Lastly everyone wants to feel they are prospering. This doesn’t mean being materially wealthy, but simply to feel content in life. Simply put, to be happy, today and every day.
Turbulent times actually present an opportunity for those of us sincerely seeking universal and spiritual “answers” to the problems we all face in life. Just as in the iconic film “Network”, released in 1976, people need to stand up and say to themselves, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”
Analyze your own life, decipher what are your “real” needs are and change your life. Those that are willing to take a huge step, to turn away from the old “status quo” will find a new and exciting opportunity, one that will culminate in gaining knowledge, health, security and prosperity. That treasure which we all seek can be simply stated as “peace of mind”. Is it not? Once we come to that realization, it behooves us to turn away from the external forces that seek to control and contain us, keeping us in ignorance of “how” to be happy, peaceful and satisfied.
Shrug off debilitating fear. Take a chance on happiness, on finding fulfillment. Seek knowledge, seek truth and turn within. Then act in your, and the world’s, best interests. Namaste.
Howard Beckman is world renowned Vedic Astrologer. For information contact him at

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