2015 New Moon Chart USA

The yearly new Moon chart began on the spring equinox this year, March 20th at 5:36 AM, cast in Washington, D.C. Capricorn rises, with Saturn, ruler of the ascendant, in the 11th house in Scorpio. This is, of course, a sign ruled by the planet of war, Mars.
Without question the US will be involved in inflicting heavy damage and casualties upon its enemies and will be successful in its missions. Rahu in the 9th house also indicates a hawkish attitude will be taken by Congress, as well as the White House.
I believe that the warning of terrorist activity aimed at US civilians is a very real threat. Jupiter exalted in Cancer in the 7th house indicates that the US will forge new partnerships, temporary though these alliances may be, to achieve mutual aims against a common enemy. But being that this exalted Jupiter is also an enemy to the lord of the ascendant, Saturn, and directly aspecting the ascendant, the fanatical religionists will also gain further fervor. This makes the threat from ISIL and others to wage jihad amongst the civilian population of western countries a very real possibility.
The country will also profit financially this year, so those that have job security will be fine, and for the entrepreneurial business people, plenty of opportunities will be there for financial profit.
I know what the doomsday financial people keep saying about the stock market collapsing this year, as well as the dollar, but I simply don’t see it. Not this year anyway. Saturn also rules the 2nd house, whose most acknowledged category is the earning potential of the citizens. With Mercury, ruler of the 9th house of good fortune here, as well as the lord of both the ascendant and the 2nd house Saturn being in the 11th house of gains, I hardly think this shall be a combination for financial catastrophe in the short term.
This year the Sun and Moon are in the 3rd house, along with Ketu and Mars. Such a combination portends more unusual weather. Extremes in temperature, unusual amounts of rain and snow in some places, as well as drought in others, seem to be a theme for some time to come. It also gives further credence to there being struggles within both the government, as well as enemies among the population, giving an indication to further lend weight to my assertion that we may soon begin to see violence against American citizens here at home.
Saving the most positive placement in this chart for last, we have Venus in Aries (yes, Mars’ sign so a further indication of violence and war), but here he is extremely benefic in the 4th house. Venus creates a raja yoga here and by his aspect a raja yoga in the 10th house of status, as well. This means that no matter that some are saying the US is losing its power and influence abroad, that’s not the fact looking at this year’s chart. America will have a lot of influence abroad. Obviously I’m not commenting on this as to being a good thing, or not, just the fact that America will accomplish some short- term goals.
This yoga also portends well for the finances of many in the country. However, unless this is accompanied by some profit sharing with the workers of these businesses, the CEOs of big business will continue to score record profits, while the common worker’s salary hardly budges.
In many other countries’ charts I also noted increased participation in violence. Many in Europe have Gemini rising this year showing political wrangling with the Pisces planets in the 10th house. Some major struggles will be going on not just within Russia (Cancer ascendant putting Pisces planets in the 9th and Mercury in the 8th), but also in China (Leo ascendant putting the 4 planets in Pisces in the 8th house). It’s going to be an interesting year.
Frankly, there are going to come some major disasters (both financial and natural disasters), not just in this year, but over the next 5 years or so. What matters most to us as individuals is how they affect ourselves, you families, friends, etc. A personal astrological consultation will show that. As I always say, in bad times some people do very well, and even in bad times those that are spiritually directed weather the storm in peace.
Howard Beckman April 2015

Been Feeling a bit down these days? Blame it on the Planets!

So many of us have been feeling these intense emotional “waves” during 2013, especially in the past few months or so. Many more clients than usual are confiding in me that they’re worried they’re becoming depressed by it all. Yet although some have tragedies or trials and tribulations they can point to as the catalysts, others are simply feeling low and can’t put their finger on the reasons why.
Well, you really can blame it on the planets this time, at least for a great many. When malefic planets like Saturn or Mars become powerful they increase the potencies of negative forces. However, at this time we have several combinations of planetary influences that together are affecting our collective minds and emotions quite heavily.
Saturn has been very powerful for a few years now, being exalted in the sign of Libra, ruled by Venus. Rahu joined him here in the beginning of this year, thus promising to instigate trouble in many individuals’ lives, and globally further instigating fighting, unusual storms, etc. Although the exact degree of conjunction was last week, it will still be a negative force for trouble until Rahu moves into Virgo in July of 2014.
Recently Mars also moved into Cancer, his weakest sign of debilitation, causing epic storms and floods. Unfortunately it is also a house position that allows Mars to cast his malefic aspect onto Saturn, while at the same time it also allows Saturn to cast his malefic aspect onto Mars. Both are great malefics and in this instance portend much evil in the world. Venus is also here now with Saturn and Rahu, and in less than a week Mercury will also join the party in Libra.
This is not great for relationships, so keep your cool in communicating with your significant other. This goes for business partnerships, too, so maintain diplomacy in all of your dealings. Although Venus will have moved to Scorpio by the 17th of October, the Sun will now enter Libra. There he finds three enemies, Saturn, Rahu and Mercury, all putting pressure on the situation. The one mitigating factor is Jupiter’s benefic aspect coming from his position in Gemini.
We may not have had the biggest hurricane season, but the fun’s not quite over yet. There will still be violence ongoing, storms and shake-ups on the planet to test your equanimity. And Venus’s sojourn into Scorpio won’t help on the relationship scene much, either. As even before Sun moves into Libra with his enemies, Mars moves into Leo. Here he becomes very powerful and now casts his aspect with renewed strength and vigor directly onto Venus. Watch your emotions, don’t let yourself become angry and put a “disconnect switch” between your mind and your tongue! Better not to say everything you are thinking, as you will regret it. Tempers and emotions will very easily flare up, causing unnecessary arguments and fights.
So, how does all this affect you as an individual? Those with planets in Libra, Cancer, Capricorn and Aries are feeling it heavily for sure, but not only there. The affectations run the gamut of the zodiac and the only way to see which planetary influences will be great forces for gain, change, or problems, for us individually is to have a personal astrological consultation. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed!”

Game Changers and How They Will Affect You!

Game Changers and How They Will Affect You!
The Powerful Transits of Saturn and the Moon’s Nodes
By Howard Beckman, 11/28/12

Some of the most powerful events, or times of greatest upheaval, in a person’s life occur during the return of Saturn to his natal sign (which happens approximately every 30 years) and during the 7 years of Saturn’s “sade-sati” (also occurring every 30 years, for this is the time it takes for Saturn to orbit the Sun). These are times of life we all go through, albeit some experience greater challenges than others. It all depends on the karmic scenario, foretold in one’s personal horoscope.
When Saturn returns to his natal sign it signals new developments, often a completely new chapter of life that is about to begin. It’s a time when a person begins to question everything about life, particularly his or her own path and personal direction. Saturn is an unbending taskmaster and unless we follow a disciplined regime in accordance with what we know is right in life, his malefic effects can beat us into submission. If, however, we follow our higher intuition, take the “high road” so to speak, it is a time of wonder and immeasurable inner growth.
The choice is always up to us. Saturn will force us to accept our karma and bring the truth to our eyes, whether we want to see, or not. We can either go forward “kicking and screaming” as we protest what we see as a time of loss or indignity of being forced to adopt another direction, or we embrace the changes. In following the latter, the path of least “resistance” we take the opportunity afforded us to find profound meaning in our life. Such realizations are enduring and will stay with us, not only throughout this lifetime, but into the next.
Sade-sati is another matter altogether. For some of us Saturn’s transit over the sign previous to the position of natal Moon, natal Moon sign and the sign following its position can be a time of complete loss. We are forced to give up almost all that we’ve known and gotten “used to” in our lives. It will force us to face our deepest fears, humbled in the presence of almighty time. For others it is simply a time of great transformation, and it may further develop those things we have been working towards and attempting to create for ourselves in life.
Rahu and Ketu’s (the north and south nodes of the Moon) “return” is always a time of “facing reality” as well. Approximately every 18 years the nodes of the Moon return to their natal signs. It is always an important time of life and signals new growth. Either expectations become apparent and come within reach, or we understand that it is time to accept what we know is inevitable, changing our direction. Even when Rahu and Ketu arrive in the signs opposite to their natal positions there is often a marked event that manifests or potentials previously untapped come into one’s purview.
Sometimes these planetary returns occur simultaneously. When that happens, look out! You may be hurled into the unknown, thrust into the limelight of success, or brought to your knees, begging to understand the meaning of your destiny.
When these planets conjunct, such as Rahu and Saturn or Ketu and Saturn conjoining in the same sign, it always means great upheavals of one form or another. Between January 14th, 2013 and July 13th, 2014 Rahu and Saturn will be in conjunction in Libra. The exact conjunction of these two powerful malefics will be on September 17, 2013. Political tensions, war and natural disasters will continue and become more devastating. Which countries will be most affected by these travails? It depends on their horoscopes. I will detail the coming year for at least the US, UK and some European countries’ “New Moon” charts early in the new year.
How will Rahu’s entrance into Libra, with Ketu moving into Aries affect you? What are the implications for our own lives as Saturn continues his sojourn through Libra? >It all depends on our individual horoscopes. For some it will be a time of great growth, either materially or spiritually, maybe both. For some it will be a time of letting go, of finding our direction, or surrendering to facing things we have deigned to face for so long.
Astrology is a tool and is used as such by the learned and the savvy among us. “To be forewarned is to be forearmed”. By the same token, to know when not to take a leap of faith, or to stop ourselves from wasting our energy in directions doomed to failure, saves not only precious time, or money, but allows us to direct ourselves in ways that bring the most success and satisfaction. As I always say, “the planets never lie”.